Friday, January 18, 2013

DC Insight Integration with Emerson NetSure 801

DC Insight is a mission to help data center managers integrate and monitor all the data center equipment under a single tool. Working with another data center operator in the telecom industry, we integrated Emerson NetSure 801 under the management of DC Insight.

We re-used the status configured in NetSure 801 and will show an alarm when the System Status is:

  • unknown
  • observation
  • warning 
  • minor
  • major
  • unmanaged
  • restricted
  • testing
  • disabled

We will also notify the user with an alarm when the Communication Status is unknown or interrupt.

Here is a screenshot of the data from NetSure 801 show in InterMapper Status Window:


  1. fantastic combination we can find in dc. In the dc alarm will be more effective. Thanks for adding alarm with it.

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  2. Great structure. I like how it looks and think that my company will purchase some. We need to set up the electronic data room on there so it might work for us.