Monday, October 22, 2012

DC Insight with Austin Hughes iPDU and Liebert STS

Having a new customer is great. Having a returning customer is even better. It proves we did our job right. Earlier we are happy to help a local university in Hong Kong deploy DC Insight using the a wire-free approach, the customer was happy with our solution and has ask us to help them deploy 160 Austin Hughes intelligent power distribution units (iPDU) and 10 Liebert Static Transfer Switches all under the management of DC Insight.

Austin Hughes iPDU  information retrieve directly from IPD-01 for the MT/MTS iPDU series

Liebert STS information retrieve through the optional SIC Card

All-in-all, 200+ sensors and devices are monitored under the DC Insight solution.

While we where performing configuration for our customer, we noticed one of our fluid sensor detected fluid. Long and behold, after opening up the raised floor, some of the pipes are leaking. The interesting part is the customer has a second set of traditional building management fluid detection system in place, but it was unable to pick up the water leakage.

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