Monday, December 19, 2011

DC Insight with IP Camera integration

Integrating IP-based security cameras into DC Insight solution is a very easy!

Simply drop a camera icon onto the map.

Associate the double click action of the icon with the IP camera's URL.

And you are done. Any operator can now double click the camera icon to bring up the video feed of the IP camera.

Remote monitoring is made easy with DC Insight. With our wide-range of easy to deploy wire-free sensors, operators can easily set threshold and alert on a wide-range of sensory information. Integrated with IP cameras, operators can view live what is happening at the site. With 2-way audio support IP camera devices, operators can easily communicate with people on-site as soon as sensor alarms are triggered.

Issues are best addressed when they happen. With integration of sensor alarms and visual camera, operators can quickly look into environment issues while they are happening.