Monday, December 19, 2011

DC Insight with IP Camera integration

Integrating IP-based security cameras into DC Insight solution is a very easy!

Simply drop a camera icon onto the map.

Associate the double click action of the icon with the IP camera's URL.

And you are done. Any operator can now double click the camera icon to bring up the video feed of the IP camera.

Remote monitoring is made easy with DC Insight. With our wide-range of easy to deploy wire-free sensors, operators can easily set threshold and alert on a wide-range of sensory information. Integrated with IP cameras, operators can view live what is happening at the site. With 2-way audio support IP camera devices, operators can easily communicate with people on-site as soon as sensor alarms are triggered.

Issues are best addressed when they happen. With integration of sensor alarms and visual camera, operators can quickly look into environment issues while they are happening.

Monday, November 21, 2011

QDS at Data Center Strategics Conference 2011

QDS wraps up a successful showcase of the latest data center solutions at the Data Center Strategics Conference 2011.  QDS was a gold sponsor at the Data Center Strategics Conference 2011, and in this event we exhibit some of the best solutions available to data center operators today.

Here are some photo highlights of the event.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

7 days before Data Center Strategics in Hong Kong

We are entering the last stretch in preparing for the Data Center Strategics 2011 in Hong Kong. QDS is a Gold Sponsor at the event and we have a lot prepared this year.

Over the years working with data center operators, products and solutions from vendors, we are proud to present the "best-of-breed" for the event.

Trying to present all these solutions in an area of 2x3 meters is quite a challenging task. Unfortunately we had to make some sacrifices. Nonetheless, you can always check out QDS website, or more specifically our solution section.

Our sales and marketing team had a quick huddle, and this is the layout we have arrived with:

Can you decipher the doodling above?

In this booth, we will showcase:

  • Avocent's Remote Access Solution
  • DC Insight Environment and Power Monitoring solution
  • AirBlock Containment Solution
Remember to visit our booth when you arrived at the event. 

We have a very limited amount of complimentary tickets available for the event. If you work in the data center industry, sign-up to our newsletter for a chance to win a complimentary ticket to DCS 2011 Hong Kong.

See you at DCS 2011.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Primera Disc Printer, Burner, Duplicator All-in-One Publisher 光碟燒錄及打印機

上星期和同事一起到泰國上了為期一星期的 PRIMERA 培訓,對 PRIMERA 的產品有更深入的了解。藉此網誌,想和大家分享一下。

Primera 的光碟燒錄及打印機 (disc publisher) 和光碟打印機 (auto printer), 適用於有需要自製光碟燒錄及打印的用家。一般有需要燒錄光碟的用家都有很多選擇。

  1. 一般電腦都有的光碟燒錄器燒碟。再買一些有光碟片貼紙的A4紙。用一般的打印機印光碟面的圖案到貼紙上。再把貼紙貼到光碟上。
  2. 生產大量的同一款式的光碟,市面都有很多廉價的光碟打印服務。如果你需要印一千片一式一樣的光碟,這個選擇較為經濟。
Primera 的光碟燒錄及打印機是針對以上都不能滿足用家的市場。



Primera 的光碟燒錄及打印機是針對需要 short-run, in-house 自製光碟的用家。Primera 的光碟燒錄及打印機由燒錄到打印都是全自動化的。所有的 Primera 的光碟燒錄及打印機都附送高性能的 PT Publisher 軟件。

Primera 主要有三款型號 Bravo SE, Bravo 4xxx series 和 Bravo 4xxx XRP series。三款型號都分成: 
  • Autoprinter: 只打印的型號。無燒錄器。
  • Disc Publisher: 全自動化 CD/DVD 燒錄和打印的型號。
  • Blu Disc Publisher: 全自動化 CD/DVD + BLU-RAY 燒錄和打印的型號。行高速eSata的接口。

Bravo SE 是 CD/DVD/BD 自製光碟燒錄及打印機的入門版。結構精細,可靠和經濟實惠 Bravo SE Publisher 和 Bravo SE AutoPrinter 能滿足家庭和小型企業的自製光碟燒錄及打印需求。
Bravo SE 能支援:
  • 無人干預下自動燒錄和打印最多二十隻光碟片的容量
  • 最高 4800 DPI(每英寸点数)彩色噴墨打印
Bravo 4xxx Series 是可靠和高性能的光碟燒錄及打印機。適用於有對光碟燒錄及打印要求比較高的機構。比起 Bravo SE 的入門版,Bravo 4xxx Series 能支援無人干預下自動燒錄和打印最多一百隻光碟的容量,有 CMYK 獨立墨盒,六秒光碟高速打印,比起 Bravo SE 快三倍的機械設計。

Bravo 4xxx Series 的光碟燒錄及打印機真的非常快。看看以下的一個高速打印短片。

Bravo 4xxx XRP Series 是針對有專業需求的用家。有齊 Bravo 4xxx Series 的好處。採用堅韌的18-gauge 鋼櫃,11-gauge 的鋼擋板和配有鎖和鑰匙的門。光碟燒錄及打印的補給品(如墨盒和空白的光碟等等)都是由前設式配鎖的門補充。可以把機器重疊放在櫃檯上。甚至可以配加機架安裝套件裝上標準的 19"  服務器機櫃上。

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Apple Data Center also use HotLok blanking panels

I was doing my usual round through my data center related RSS feeds and came across photos of Apple's Data Center. It looks like Apple also use HotLok blanking panels.

Check out the photos: