Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Supercharge your DCiM strategy with DC Insight solutions

We have provided our last training session to a customer today and the customer's Data Center Operations Manager was very thankful for our DC Insight solution. This solution exceeded their expectation and it provided unprecedented visibility and insight into their data center. They have deployed 300+ sensors to cover 4 sites in Hong Kong, and the DC Insight software provide a straight-forward user interface for their operators.

Transforming customer Organization from Reactive to Proactive 

Our solution completely transformed the way they operate, from an reactive organization to an proactive one. Before the deployment of the DC Insight platform, they are plagued with incident where it was the end-user who are the first to know their service was down!

Today, the DC Insight's centralize and easy to customize thresholds settings allow them to iterate and fine tune their notification mechanism such that every alert they receive are important alert. Our data logging and strip charts allow any authorized operator to quickly look back at historical data to analyze the situation. With the readily-accessible data, they can take a data-centric approach to support their investigation. In this particular case, the customer share with us how they were able to quickly look back at the pass performance of the cooling unit (look at the supply and return air trends) and push for a thorough investigation of the unit by their supplier, where it was eventually found their were hidden problems with the unit.

Integrating DC Insight with Customer existing Infrastructure

We understand customers don't want silo systems and we take great pride in the interoperability of our solution and the integration services we provide. For this particular customer, we integrated DC Insight into their existing incident management solution, Microsoft System Center Service Manager and connect to their Micosoft System Center Operation Manager system.

This integration was very important for our customer to simplify the adoption by their operational team and it was really rewarding to learn that not owner are the project sponsors happy with the result, the operation users also found the new tools very helpful in managing their data center day-to-day activities.

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